Phishing puts your brand at risk and tears down the trust you’ve built with your customers. The most effective way to secure your email is implementing the DMARC standard to authenticate your email senders. However, this can be a complex task. Often, an email environment consists of thousands of domains, associated with dozens of senders spread throughout the entire ecosystem. When one attempts to implement DMARC enforcement policies without good clear visibility to these senders, it can cause interruptions to legitimate, business-critical email.

Low DMARC Enforcement

Watch the short webinar on demand including a 10 minute demo with Phil March, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Agari, and Andrew Forestieri, Senior Product Manager at Agari, as they review the new features in Agari Customer Protect that enable Automated Phishing Prevention through DMARC email authentication.

These features include:

  • EasySPF: automates the process of building SPF records
  • HostedSPF: Agari creates & hosts the SPF record for you
  • Email Cloud Intelligence: easily identify and authorize legitimate email communications

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Andrew Forestieri, Senior Product Manager

Andrew Forestieri is a 10+ year veteran of the cybersecurity industry cutting his teeth during the early Brand Protection and Anti-Phishing efforts. This industry niche quickly evolved with the advent of social media into the OSINT and Threat Intelligence market segments where he became a senior analyst and Product Manager for several customer facing and analyst-driven web-based platforms. He’s now responsible for delivering product value to customers who are adopting the DMARC standard to protect brands and customers from phishing.

Phil March, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Phil is a 15 year veteran in technology marketing, starting his career at Cisco Systems where he worked on VPN solutions for secure communications and designated bandwidth starting in the early 2000s. He has worked in the endpoint detection and response (EDR), network microsegmentation, and most recently, the email security industries where he now briefs IT professionals on email-borne cyber threats and how to protect against them them as an Agari Sr. Product Marketing Manager.  He has an MBA from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.