Over the course of the past 10 months, using responsible active defense techniques, Agari captured 78 criminal email accounts, belonging to 10 criminal organizations, and containing 59,652 unique email messages, unmasking criminal identities and tactics.  Organized crime groups are targeting American businesses with identity deception attacks that cause real losses, but Agari is turning the tables on these cyber criminals. And now, that analysis enables stronger defensive strategies and measures.

These active defense techniques have enabled financial services to shut down fraudulent bank accounts and law enforcement to capture these criminals.

Get an inside look at these criminal operations to learn how:

  • Nigerian Scammers Target American Businesses
  • BEC Emerges as Most Popular, Most Effective Attack Vector
  • Romance Scams Break More Than the Bank
  • Man-in-the-Middle Account Takeover (ATO) Targets Real Estate
  • The Big Business of Email Compromise


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