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Stop Identity-Based Email Attacks

Understanding The Threats Today’s modern identity-based email attacks exploit the identity of trusted colleagues and brands. However, each varies in the tactics and techniques used. Understanding the differences will be critical in being able to effectively and accurately stop these attacks. Customer Phishing: Cybercriminals use brand impersonation techniques such as domain spoofing and malicious...

Inbound DMARC Visibility

Standard DMARC reporting tools rely on data from large consumer mailbox providers. But the leading enterprise email infrastructure doesn’t report DMARC data back to the sender. That leaves a glaring hole in your visibility into B2B mail delivery — even when it’s sent to employee mailboxes from your own domain. Fix the Inbound Visibility Gap for Your Domains The Inbound DMARC Visibility capability...

Fortra Email Security Premium Services

At Fortra, we recognize that there are times when you need expert knowledge to help your business realize its potential. This is why we offer a 12-month Premium Services program post-deployment—to provide you with a personalized, high-value service that is delivered through a dedicated Technical Account Manager as the primary point of contact for your organization within the region where your main...

Customer Phishing Protection Bundle Datasheet

Prevent, Detect & Disrupt Phishing with an Integrated Solution from Agari & PhishLabs Threat actors impersonate legitimate brands to steal account holder credentials, leading to increased fraud and loss of customer trust. As phishing continues to rise, many organizations find themselves in need of more proactive protection that can deliver the email authentication, threat intelligence, and...

Agari for Marketing

Email is one of the highest performing marketing channels, but it is under attack by brand impostors using your domain to send phishing attacks. Consumers distressed by these emails initiate feedback loops by tagging the email as spam, blocking future emails, and tarnishing your domain reputation. This can negatively impact deliverability rates, cutting into the revenue generated from the email...

Email Security Enterprise Services

Business Challenge Agari’s cloud-based security solutions allow you to stop and respond to BEC and phishing attacks on your employees and protect your customers from phishing attacks. Agari’s Customer Enablement and Support organization is committed to the success of our customers and works to ensure Agari customers achieve value through the deployment of Agari solutions. For Agari customers that...

Agari Continuous Detection and Response

While email security solutions are designed to catch malicious emails before they reach user inboxes, no solution discovers every single malicious email 100% of the time. There is an ever-increasing number of new attacks, and cybercriminals are getting smarter. As new sources of threat intelligence or new social engineering attacks are discovered from SOC analyst investigation, post-delivery...

Agari Brand Protection

Email is a critical communication channel to engage with customers. Unfortunately, it is also the primary vector that cybercriminals use to exploit a brand and target its customer base with advanced phishing attacks. Malicious emails from cybercriminals can damage a brand, erode customer trust, and impact a corporation’s bottom line. Increasingly, consumers are valuing security and trusted...

Agari Automation and Hosting Features

The Email Authentication Challenge Email is the #1 way attackers target an organization’s customers and email ecosystem. DMARC authentication, specifically with an enforcement policy of Reject, is the single most effective way to close this vulnerability inherent to email. While the premise of authentication is straightforward, organizations can encounter roadblocks and challenges along the way to...

Agari Phishing Response

Phishing and other email-based attacks account for 94% of breaches, with cybercriminals exfiltrating data mere hours after gaining access. However, it often takes months for businesses to discover a breach—and even longer to remediate it. Traditional security controls rely on blocking cyberattacks at a single point in time when email is delivered, attachments are executed, or URLs are clicked. In...

Secure Office 365 with Agari

The benefits of moving to Office 365—easily communicating and collaborating inside and outside of the organization while working anywhere from any device at any time—are well known. However, along with the convenience of a highly available and easily accessible environment comes an increased security risk. While Office 365 provides security to stop spam, known viruses, or malware, it does not...

Agari Phishing Defense

New and emerging email threats employ identity deception to easily bypass existing security controls such as secure email gateways, sandbox environments, URL rewriting processes, and imposter classifiers. These technologies are predicated on a failed security paradigm of attempting to model known bad signals, whether by volume, sender identity, or content. Anatomy of a Business Email Compromise...

Informatica Gains Visibility into Threats

Listen to Bill Burns, Chief Trust Officer and VP of Business Transformation for Informatica, speak about his experience working with Agari.
Case Study

Large Credit Union Eradicates Phishing Attacks

Executive Summary Los Angeles Federal Credit Union was in the cross-hairs of email scammers. Its brand was constantly being spoofed, putting its members at risk of being defrauded. The CTO prioritized email security as part of his broader risk management strategy, and selected Agari as his partner. That was more than eight years ago. Today, domain spoofing is at near zero. Our initial goal was to...